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The Etheric, Consciousness and Deeper Psyche in Death

etheric being and death

During our Death and Dying Webinar, the following two questions were asked. I wrote a response which I thinks answers both. Please refer to, both webinars, to hear more information related to this subject. 1. What is the difference between the etheric and the continuing consciousness? 2.  When my mother passed, her facial image…

Emotions While Serving the Dying

emotions while serving the dying

On our last webinar, February 11, we answered the following question: What is the best way to “keep it together” while serving a dying person? How do you not let your emotions get in the way? Answer: You don’t necessarily need to “keep it together” at all. Please realize that both you and the dying…

Faith and the Dying Person

question of faith in dying process

Question: What do we do if the dying person has no faith in God or anything else? Answer:    Basically, we avoid trying to convince the person to become an instant believer.  Instead, we try to find out what, if not God or other religious symbols, moves the dying person beyond him or herself into a…