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Death Is A Living Process

no empty shells

Question: How can you be in feeling relationship to someone who has died?  Adi Da said something about this in the quote from Easy Death. Isn’t the body just a shell and not the person? Answer: I’m reminded of a children’s book that He wrote, in which Avatar Adi Da said “we are more than…

Missing the Moment of Death

alone at death

Question: When my husband was dying, I spent as much time with him as I could. I didn’t want him to die alone and I promised him I would be there for him. But I left him for just half an hour and that’s when he died. I wasn’t there to hold his hand as…

Three Day Vigil After Death

release at vigil

Question: It was stated in the webinar that you do a three day vigil for Adidam devotees. I was involved with someone who had arranged to have a home funeral and once she died, her body was kept in the home for three days after her death. We painted her casket and put pictures on…