This blog provides answers to your questions about death and dying based on the wisdom found primarily in Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s masterwork Easy Death and on the experience and practical information acquired by the Adidam Death and Dying Ministry from years of serving people who are dying or have died.

adi da samrajAvatar Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008) worked to establish the means whereby all human beings can realize ultimate Truth. His instruction on death and dying—much of it contained in the book Easy Death that was acclaimed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as a “masterpiece”—informs the answers provided in this blog. For more about Avatar Adi Da Samraj, visit www.adidam.org.



Please feel free to look through the questions and answers here, and engage the conversation in the comments section.

If you’ve come to this blog without having seen the video of our webinar at DeathandDyingWebinar.org, you may want to view that first. It has a wealth of valuable information, as does our free four-page Checklist on Death and Dying which you can download in the right hand column. The Checklist will answer many of your questions—and probably generate others that you can ask us on this blog.


Judy is Director of the Adidam Death and Dying Ministry.




angelo drudaAngelo hosts our free Webinar on Death and Dying. He is a senior educator and minister in the Adidam Death and Dying Ministry.




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